Written a good book lately?    Want to know what to do next?


After all the hard work of writing your book, you try to get it published. If you are like most new

writers you soon discover that this is the hard part. Unfortunately, even after many rejections you

still do not know why and this often leads to discouragement and doubting your ability to write.


Good editing is crucial to any MS, but most often it is difficult for a writer to edit their own work.

The cost for editing is prohibitive and daunting. Most authors cannot afford to pay a professional

editor.  Publishers may well provide this service, but first the MS must be accepted for publishing.


Presenting your work at its best sometimes needs a neutral eye.  Authorship provides editors with

the ability to preserve ‘the voice’ of your work, the style you have created, and work with you to

achieve the best possible rendering both in text and cover art.  Your work is yours and we respect

the labor it took to reach the point of surrendering it to an unknown public.  Our intentions are to

offer the tools you need in attaining your goal of becoming-a-- ‘PUBLISHED AUTHOR’--.


From a manuscript to a draft-from a draft to a book!  A book to be proud of promoting to the world.

Allow us to aid you in becoming an author whose books people cannot wait to read … It is possible!

This is where Authorship INC. comes in.
We provide the means to reach your goal...
of getting your book published!

We offer individual prices for each required module.
A total package purchase comes with a discount!
We can also offer terms:
per chapter, per illustration, per month,
whatever suits your comfort zone.

Our team can help you achieve your goal!

Send email for a free evaluation of your MS.

We can also assist with the following provisions for your work: 

Children’s books and illustrations are given separate consideration.  Please contact us for quotes.

To see a sample of artwork and covers click here:


Our total package  $550.00 CAD  covers the costs of:

(based on a 300 - 400 page manuscript (8.5" x 11" dble spaced .12 font.  For shorter book even less.)




Exceptional editors will

work with you to render your ‘voice’ into reading pleasure.

Only $1.00 CAD

per: 8.5 x 11page


Font .12


See it in your mind… our artists will produce the cover you envision…


Only $300.00 CAD

For a quote send

a description or

thoughts on your design.


For print and eBook. Set and blocked in preparation for submission for publishing, or reviewing.


Only $100.00 CAD

for both or

$55.00 CAD per.



Marketing and Promotion on various book promotion sites,

Twitter and FB tailored to your requirements.

For further information email:


For more information on any of our services please contact:  Ruth or Debra by email or phone:

Ruth M. Thompson in MB Canada


PH: (204) 240-2880


Debra Shiveley Welch in OH USA


(614) 882-6683

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